an Online Cure to Heartbreak, Breakups, and Lovesickness with Jenn Burton & Chel Hamilton

is this you?

Have you ever wanted someone so much that you felt a little obsessed? Or a lot?

  • Maybe you keep checking your phone and social media to see if he has messaged you.
  • Maybe you check his social media profiles to try and figure out if he is seeing anyone else
  • Maybe you send him more text messages than he sends you, and it feels like you are the one that consistently has to initiate contact.
  • Maybe you show up at certain places secretly hoping you’ll bump into him.
  • Maybe you ask your friends (his too?) about him --maybe more than you wish you would.

I’m guessing all of this feels a bit compulsive. Like you should just chill but you can’t seem to stop!

By the way, I, Jenn Burton, am a first-hand expert in this compulsion. I haven’t just studied it, I used to live it repeatedly. 

what is lovesickness anyway?

Well, it's the most common feeling we mistake for true love. Or it can be the desperate, sick feeling of heartbreak. Lovesickness can go a little something like this...

You can still feel his lips pressing against yours. You can’t forget the way he smells or how sincerely wonderful it feels when he wraps his arms around you. You feel safe, even just for a moment. Love makes sense.

Then you don’t hear from him, or he gives you some bs excuse about being too busy.

You get mad momentarily, tell yourself: “I don’t need this shit. I deserve someone who treats me the way I want to be treated ALL THE TIME.”

The anger makes you feel powerful. A full force adrenaline rush.

Momentarily you stop checking your phone. Adrenaline makes you an uber-productive woman on top of the world.

Until it starts to go away. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes all at once. Then lovesickness hits you, super freakin hard.

You remember how much you still want him. Damn you want him.


I have also learned the hard way that when you are lovesick, there is no space in your life for a man to love you back.

Lovesickness feels like something you can not control, that you can not help and you certainly can’t be “cured of”.

But I now know first hand what it is like to be on the winning end of lovesickness. And I want you to know too. 

Learning to finally cure my incessant lovesickness lead me to the love of my life in 2006. We've been together ever since.

I also know that lovesickness is not true love. Even heartbreak that feels like you can't take another breath without him, isn't what love is supposed to feel like. Which is why I have teamed up with world-renowned master hypnotist Chel Hamilton to address all levels - subconscious, behavioral, mindset, and more to cure you of lovesickness once and for all.

The Lovesick Cure is a 30-day online program that will walk you through breaking the lovesick cycle, and set you free to recreate your love life any way you want it. With or without him. Your choice.

The program starts as soon as you register!

I get it. I’ve been there many times. And the last time was a doozy.

He turned my romantic world upside down. You know when the sex is so off the charts, you are convinced that he is your soulmate and that nobody else could ever live up to him?

Our passionate affair made me rethink everything in love. From the way, he looked at me to his undivided attention making sure I always had a fantastic time with him. Heck, he even asked me to meet his family right away. There was no way this could be sham. He made me feel things that I didn’t know existed off the big screen. I fell hard. So hard. I knew this was it, and there could never be anyone else again.

Until that day he stopped returning my messages.

What came next was an embarrassing display of desperation. From constantly calling him, drunk texting, going to his place of work, stalking, even repeatedly asking his and my friends about him. I was relentless.

I couldn’t conceive how something that felt so right could be gone so fast, which meant in my head that it was a mistake. There was no other explanation.

Little did I know at the time, I was the one making a huge mistake. In fact, due to my relentless need to be in his line of sight, I was effectively pushing him away for good.

You see, I was convinced I was in love, but in truth, I was extremely lovesick.


I'm not saying that you don't love him. I would never ever say that. 

I am saying that you don't have to feel these crappy, desperate feelings anymore. You can have Chel and me all to yourself for the next 30 days setting you up to do love your way. We will get you through this. We will bring you out on the other side, better than ever.

Click here to get started on this insanely valuable class.

Class starts as soon as you register.

You can access the online class through your phone or  your computer's web browser from anywhere in the world.

Within minutes, even seconds after you register you will receive an email titled, "The Lovesick Cure" with all of your access information.

"I Have Never Gotten Over A Breakup So Quickly...

If you're willing to work through the program seriously this will help you recover from lovesickness, but also help keep you from being lovesick in the future. The lessons are brilliant/well-organized and the meditations are life-changing. You don't have to stay stuck on a man forever!

I recently ended a 2.5 year relationship and was stuck in the lovesick rut. I have started defining what I want in a relationship as well as teaching men how I want to be treated through my actions not just my words. I've worked hard to identify what being adored, loved, and cherished MEANS to me...something I've never considered before.

UPDATE:  He came running back. The good news is I don't feel under any obligation to recommit. But I am certainly enjoying the big ways he has been stepping up. You'd be blown away by the difference;-) This program is...

Powerful, Empowering, Life-Changing


Robin E.


I have spent years helping clients from around the world understand the intricacies of dating and love that no other woman has shared with them.

There is nothing worse in romance than feeling compulsive or heartbroken about a man who

a) isn’t reciprocating your attention or

b) you know he isn’t the man for you. (Yes, you can also be lovesick for a man you know you shouldn't be with)

c) or you just can't seem to move on from


I want to help you stop this cycle permanently so that you can CHOOSE the man you really want to be with. (Even if it is him)


You can access the online class through your phone or  your computer's web browser from anywhere in the world.

Once you register, you will receive an email with your class access information.  Click here to get started on this insanely valuable class.

your investment?

It depends on the package that makes the most sense for your love life. But it will be thousands less than my private clients pay for this same strategy.  Plus the class only lasts 30 days. Think about, 30 days from now you'll finally be free to experience real love on your terms.

are you ready to feel good again?


P.S. You deserve to do love your way. This is the most important step<3

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Jenn Burton is the creator of Single Smart Female Podcast, Have Him Your, Dating Expert, and Romantic Fairy Godmomma for Smart Successful Single Women all around the world.

After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her own hands by developing a dating method to create the most magical experiences that lead to love.

Through the reach of her online courses and private coaching, Jenn has successfully taught single professional women from around the globe how to create the love life they are secretly wishing for step by step, while never compromising their genuine self.

These days, Jenn exclusively works with single women who want it all: career, success, & to be loved, adored & romanced... She can show you how to draw in stable, fun, witty, loving men that you will be insanely attracted to. Magic included, no evil step-sisters required.

Jenn lives in Romantic Fairy Godmomma-ville, Texas, with her husband and their gorgeous kiddo.

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