Do you love what we are doing?

After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences I, Jenn Burton, decided to take matters in my own hands. Through personal experience & extensive study, I developed a method to help ambitious, badass women from around the world create the most magical dating experiences that lead to love.

My mission to show women that they don't have to settle for the status quo in dating & love has been evolving into a movement over the years.

In fact, when you dig into what we are doing you'll see this is actually much bigger than finding love.

Single Smart Female is about leveling the playing field between men & women, not only in romance.

Ambitious women are the force that makes the world go round.

It isn't love; it has and will always be ambitious, courageous women.

But ambitious women get the shit end of the deal when it comes to love and romance which negatively impacts the rest of their life whether they are willing to admit it or not.

We are constantly fed lies

about how men only prefer fragile, needy women. Even science is bound and determined to convince us that we have to choose from being an ambitious woman or being loved.

So we lean into endless candy-coated crap dating and love advice which plays on our massive doubt that we will never find the love we want. Buying e-books, reading endless articles, taking countless quizzes, so we can finally understand:

What men want
What men need
What men think


Even my card-carrying feminists do this. None of it really works. (Divorce rate still WAY UP THERE) All it is really good at is keeping ambitious women small and insecure romantically.

Single Smart Female is your permission to do it all differently.

We are dedicated to making your love life amazing so you can continue taking over the world. (Making this world an insanely better place for ALL to live. Yep. I know what you are up to Lovergirl;-)

Single Smart Female supports you through

<3 Our Single Smart Female Podcast
<3 Self Study Courses
<3 Working With Us Directly

We have spent thousands of hours over the years putting together everything you need to create magic in your love life & life without ever having to pretend that you are not the badass ambitious woman that you are.

How You Can Help Us Grow This Movement

Currently, we are up to some pretty cool things at Single Smart Female. We are bound and determined to reach more and more single ambitious females around the world.

In fact, we have some pretty big goals this year.

1. Radically upgrade our most popular and profound work with us experience
2. Build out a sound-proof, state of the art podcasting studio in order to deliver an even better experience for listeners of our hit podcast Single Smart Female.
3. Write and self-publish our first book and audiobook


Many women and even men ask us how they can support what we are doing. (Yes, there are incredible men who LOVE what we are doing.)

Our receiving love languages are

1. Public Words of Affirmation
2. Financial Gifts

If you are a woman (or man) who wants to help us with our goals here are some ways you can take us there even faster:

option 1

Leave us a 5-Star WRITTEN review on iTunes/Apple podcast. (This is where reviews help us the most. Also, it helps us significantly more when you write out a review instead of just clicking the stars.) CLICK HERE TO WRITE A 5 STAR REVIEW FOR US

option 2

option 3

Surprise us with a financial contribution. (Full disclosure, we are NOT a nonprofit organization so no tax write-offs here. Just you helping us grow faster because you love what we are doing and want to contribute to us taking women as high as possible) CLICK HERE

Again - here are the projects we are working on this year:

1. We are radically upgrading our beloved programs including introducing for the first time ever Mantourage Dating™ Crash Course which you can do from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

2. New podcast studio buildout and upgraded equipment (Estimated Cost 25-30k) Photo Scr: rode dot com


3. First Self-Published Book (Estimated Cost 5k)

Thank you Lovergirl for being a part of something near & dear to our hearts.

We are honored you spend time with us and over the moon grateful that you want to see our mission grow.

Here's to you having EVERYTHING you want in life & love. XO

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