I Know What You Are Secretly Wishing For...

Jenn Burton here, and I am not your typical fairy godmother. I am instead a potty-mouthed, straight-shooting, real-world-magic-creating Romantic Fairy Godmomma, with one hell of a gift for helping you unravel everything that is blocking you from having what you want with men.

I exclusively work with women like you all over the world, who want it all: career, success, to be loved-adored-romanced, and who are willing change up the status quo in romance and dating so that you can finally have the love life of your dreams, as well as a soft place to land at the end of your day.

 in your love life that you can’t find?

STARVING from the lack of romantic attention & affection in your life?

EXHAUSTED FROM HAVING TO DO IT ALL, NEVER HAVING ANYONE to share love and responsibility with? 


Imagine your reaction when I, your Romantic Fairy Godmother, show up and say:

“I am going to grant you three men; all delicious, all different, all three to tickle your romantic fancy in the most enchanting ways.”

I teach women how to have these men in their life, and how to choose their own magical romantic experiences. I know that every woman can have what she wants if she is willing to take action in her life causing magic to occur, and the results are certainly not unique to my life. This is called Mantourage Dating™ Magic. Mantourage Dating done right always leads to the love life a successful woman secretly or not-so-secretly wants.

* Women I work with have incredible results like….

  • Going from no dates in 10 years to married in a year & half
  • Jetting-Setting Romantic Adventures
  • Being in a healthy, fun relationship for the first time
  • Feeling confident around men for the first time & men taking notice
  • Having multiple men to choose from
  • Being asked out on 6 dates in one day
  • Having a millionaire playboy fall in love with her
  • Feeling good about men for the first time in her life
  • Finally having a man fall head over heels for her, after an incessant string of bad dates and being left by her husband with young children for a much younger woman
  • Negotiating significant salary increases and new positions with ease in male dominated industries
  • Life-changing dating and love experiences to treasure forever
  • Feeling alive & powerful. Being able to hold her own for the first time towards her contemptuous ex as she steps into a new adoring relationship without fear.
  • More marriages, more kiddos, more magic, more turn on, more success, and more of what real true love


I am only willing to do this for a handful of single high-achieving women who want to learn how to mantourage date the right way with me directly. I am EXTREMELY selective with my private clients because I have NO INTEREST in accepting money from women who are not committed to the work it takes to change their love life forever.


The quality of your love life is EXCLUSIVELY in your hands.

It’s not based on your looks.
Not on your circumstances.
Not on what’s going on in the world.

PLUS I will do backflips and somersaults for women who are willing to do the work to step into my world of becoming an adored woman.

Some of this will be a breeze and other parts will be very challenging. BUT if you are truly willing to execute, all of it will be one of the best time and financial investments you have ever made.

By the way, this is a serious investment. It is expensive and worth every cent. It is for women who are serious about doing things differently. It's for women who are committed to having everything they want romantically and tipping the scales of love in their favor forever. Plus it's about true feminine power, not for the faint of heart.


(please read thoroughly by clicking each link before applying)


Most smart successful single women I know and/or have worked with have one thing in common. They are incredible at the rest of their life, but they feel powerless, uncomfortable, and awkward in romance. Just because you are smart, DOES NOT mean you have to figure it out on your own.

In fact, one of the fastest ways to unravel all that is keeping you from the love life of your dreams is The Romantic Fairy Godmomma Private Access Pass. And I’m not going to sugar coat it. It works.

if you are ready to be a romantic force to be reckoned with;
if you are ready to be one of the select few women I work with in the romantic fairy godmomma private access pass;
and you are ready to say


to steamy-hot, toe-curling, scandalously magical dating experiences that lead to love and adoration, then I can't wait to hear from you.

Trust me, he'll be ecstatic you did;-)

Every woman at some point should have a Romantic Fairy Godmomma-and she is life-changing.

I initially agreed to work with Jenn because I had been divorced and out of the dating scene for almost ten years. My husband had left me for a younger woman, and I was a single mother with two small children. I was convinced that the dating scene post-divorce was going to be horrible and that I was never going to find anyone.

As a high-level executive, I was mostly confident in my professional life but could not seem to find interesting men or to keep the dating momentum going past date number two. Confident/fun me in my professional life and with my friends/family did not translate this into meaningful dates/relationships or experiences.

Jenn's support was exactly what I needed. She provided support but challenged me to examine myself honestly and to get out of my comfort zone. (Plus to deal with my own baggage issues that hindered me from developing into the person that I wanted to be in a romantic context. I started with Jenn by taking The Courage Kit

After the class, I found her insight so helpful in both my personal and professional life that I knew I needed more of Jenn's dedicated attention. The experience was invaluable. Sometimes we need a tutor to put it all together for us.

Jenn taught me how to enjoy dating multiple men and to not only thrive but to truly enjoy the process while creating exciting dating adventures. I learned how to have fun, not control everything, and how to spice things up. The best part was that I finally learned how to embrace my feminine side and to learn how (and to accept) being valued by the men in my life. In a very short amount of time, she managed to move me from “refusing to date” to dating three or four great guys during which time I met my current husband.

The results have been amazing. I learned to enjoy dating, how to relax AND found a great man who adores me.

Jenn truly became my friend during this whole process. She even helped me walk away from a failed relationship that I couldn't seem to let go of before I met my current husband.

The failed relationship was the best lesson that I could have learned because it allowed me to open my heart, realize that the guy I had fallen for had some serious issues and that the issue WAS NOT ME, and I was able to walk away from him with Jenn at my side….she helped me navigate a broken heart with grace and dignity (and not chasing after someone who was not ready to be in a relationship with me) Within three months I met my current husband!!!

Working with Jenn has transformed my life, both personally and professionally. I am way more confident and trust my decision-making process but also have finally found my feminine vibe and truly embrace it. This has impacted how I communicate at work with my colleagues and peers. I have been promoted, negotiated a huge salary increase with ease, and been given multiple opportunities to shine. The lessons I learned with her (and the baggage we navigated) played a significant role in my success my recent success.

It is truly worth it to have someone walk you through the dating process as well as help you address any issues that you may have. Jenn is fun, receptive, and absolutely confidential. She was very personal and gets what it feels like to date. Her strategies will have you giggling like a school girl, but will also blow him away.

By the time I met my current husband, I was happy and healthy inside and out….and loved feeling like the amazing female I am. My husband and I have a great relationship, and I am not sure I would have realized how amazing he is if I had not taken the time to work on my own issues AND have my absolutely magical dating adventures.

I met a wonderful and gifted woman +gained an amazing friend in Jenn. I would highly recommend her.

Layla*, Georgia

Annabel*, New York

I was feeling really "over it" when I came across Jenn's information on the net. The man I was dating wasn't treating me well  and he went MIA for 3 weeks. I then made a decision to create a breakthrough in this area of romantic relationships. I knew I needed help and I resonated with the information Jenn presented on her site.

After speaking with her on Skype felt very clearly that she was the right person to help me! I was so 'over' my romantic life not working I was prepared to do 'what-ever it took' and made a decision to surrender to Jenn's help.

When I implemented Jenn's advice the man I was dating who went MIA really lifted his game. Soon after he told me he head made a decision to give become exclusive and give our relationship 100%. I now feel very loved and adored, more so than in any other relationship I have ever had.

I loved Jenn's sense of humour. She provides such awesome modelling of what it looks like to own your personal authenticity and style. I felt Jenn's unwavering belief in my capacity to create the relationship I wanted. The weekly Skype calls were my favourite part what-ever was going on I always felt so much better and had much greater clarity and direction after a session with Jenn.

Of all people I've worked with over the years in all sorts of capacities absolutely no-one has impacted me or helped anywhere near the way Jenn has... I'm so grateful


Juliana *, Australia

* Disclaimer:  This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.