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Lovesickness or hyper-focus on one particular man will push away the object of your affection 100% of the time. Men are not wired for your undivided romantic attention before they feel the same way. Which means if you want a real chance with him then you need The Lovesick Cure right now. It also works beautifully if you want to get over him permanently. CLICK HERE FOR MORE CLASS INFO

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Have you ever wondered why so many women hate online dating or have craptastic results? Because they have no idea what they are really doing and no clue how to put together an online dating presence that yields incredible dating experiences that lead to love.

E-rresistibility demystifies the experience by helping you construct a perfect-for-you online dating profile and photos that automatically draw higher-quality men to include in your Mantourage Dating experience. Oh, and of course, we are going to discuss the ins and outs of online dating as an Adored Woman! <3 CLICK HERE FOR MORE CLASS INFO

Jenn will look over your newly put-together online dating profile you created with E-rresistibility and shoot you a video outlining what works in the profile and what you might consider tweaking, so that you get the necessary feedback you need to get the right kind of attention online. She will also help you select the five best photos to use. (You may submit up to 10.)

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Have Him Your Way Education Suite INCLUDES:

1. The Lovesick Cure - INSTANT ACCESS
2. Mantourage Dating™ Crash Course - INSTANT ACCESS
3. E-rresistibility - INSTANT ACCESS
4. Make Him Want You Again - INSTANT ACCESS
5.VIP Video Critique of Your Online Dating Profile From Jenn

HUGE BONUS - Package Price Credit towards  Secret Society Of Adored Women membership within one year of purchase. 

P.P.S. He won’t know what hit him;-)

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JennJenn Burton is the creator of Single Smart Female, Have Him Your, Online Dating Expert/Profile Writer, and Romantic Fairy Godmomma for Smart Ambitious Single Women all around the world.

After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her own hands by developing a dating method to create the most magical experiences that lead to love.

Through the reach of her online courses and private consulting, Jenn has successfully taught single professional women from around the globe how to create the love life they are secretly wishing for step by step, while never compromising their genuine self.

As a professional online profile writer, she loves using online dating to help her clients meet men. (And she is really freakin good at it too!) These days, Jenn exclusively works with single ambitious women who want it all: career, success, & to be loved, adored & romanced. She can show you how to draw in stable, fun, witty, loving men that you will be insanely attracted to through Mantourage Dating™. Magic included, no evil step-sisters required.

Jenn lives in Romantic Fairy Godmomma-ville with her husband and their gorgeous kiddo.

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